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About Me:
Female - 36
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Mixed - (German) wht/blk american
Insane - Thought we all were - Yes
Neoholic - Yes
Mother - Yes
In Need Of - Everything
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I did have a pic of myself up...
but opted to take it down do to
the fact that I think a little
secrecy is better.

My Existance at time is:

Just an ever changing female with a heart of gold and a soul of good. A little She Bitch in every inch of me and a Hallo to represent when needed! For now that is all about me. Trying to find my way through getting older, being single, having my only child fly the coop. Just living life as we all know it, live it and breath it.

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    Friday, February 09, 2007
    WoW - I still have a site - So here is some BRAD PITT!

    Its been awhile since I have posted here - The fact that I have to work to stay alive or at least to keep a roof over my head is the reason I don't have time anymore to spend here posting - oh and *coughs* I also got addicted to MySpace - geesh what a sell out huh!?

    Oh well - at least I found my way back ....right? I like this place anyway - its more personal.

    None the less I just wanted to post some of my OBSESSION!!!!

    Yes, of course - BRAD PITT - ENJOY! Tongue

    Love Affair 2006

    Baby Shilo - Daddy's Lil' Girl is Born 2006

    Daddy's Girl Shilo becoming a toddler 2007

    Outing to India 2007

    Golden Globes 2007

    The Death of Angie's Mom 2007

    REST IN PEACE - Marcheline Bertrand - 2007



    Ok - enough ....for now...



    Ps. Thanks to my favorite site for 2 of the pics


    Posted at 12:36 am by Venkas_Lair
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    Saturday, July 15, 2006
    Its been a minute ...ok two...

    WOW! Where did time go? I haven't written in some time. Not that I dont mean too. Just seems working 3 jobs and breathing are all I have time for these days.

    Well, I guess i have fit a few extra things in here and there but for the most part. Not.

    None the less - I have since moved since my last post. Love it so far. Nice house and all. Still trying to buy though. The market is soo eaten up it makes it hard for us single parents to get our hands on something nice.

    Well I also have been following the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie story- drama - saga - soap opera...what ever you want to call it.

    I wasnt sure how i felt abou these two people together...when they first got together. Now I see them in photos and think they make the cutest pair. Just wish they were more effectionate in public. Why ? heck i dont know it just seems they are acting in public but of course they are not behind closed doors being that they have the lovely baby Shilo now.

    I bought the people magazine just for the photo's. They werent all that great from what I seen. People mag could have laid them out better. It was like OMG! people are getting hold of the images so we better just throw them out! They could have placed them so much better in the mag. If anyone has seen this you will know what i mean. It also seems they charged more for the mag. on this single issue and used a down grade in paper product to manufacture this issue of the magazine rather than their usual. What a waste of money. But still get to see the new memeber of the family so I cant complain too much.

    Ok, well for other news. nothing really ----

    I am on my way out to the garage to get all them boxes together and see what I am going to lug around with me on every move and what i want to actually sell in a garage sale I will be having next weekend.

    I do however have dvd+r burner I am going to see about selling online..hmmmm maybe ebay or maybe craiglist....its brand new...i got a great deal on it. Oh well tata for now. Just a ramble of my mind for a short moment .....


    Posted at 03:19 pm by Venkas_Lair
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    Monday, December 12, 2005
    Emergancy Room Episode

    Current mood: sleepy

    Had my step daughter over saturday night and we watched movies until 2 in the morining. By 3am when i was just sound asleep my only child (daughter) calls me from her boyfriends house and tells me she needs to go to the emergancy room.

    Long story short Hair bumps - that we thought were some sort of insect bite that she got about a week ago went crazy...inflamed, infected, and oozing the most nasty stuff and wouldnt stop bleeding.

    I took her into the hospital and they poked and proded. Ended up giving her a shot to numb her and then did some minor surgery on her. Cut them open a total of 4 drained them and of course filled her up on pain meds and antibiotics. She is now in the living room still snoozing as I am here writing and then off to grab some stuff for our work xmass party.

    I feel as though I am about to fall over though. I need sleep and some how I have to try and squeeze in an hour before the party. I believe if I don't get sleep I will be an evil witch at the party....and we wouldn't want that.

    Plans as of 2:45

    1) Go to store pick up stuff needed for Fried Rice for xmass party

    2) By 3:45 I hope to be on my way to pick up my new kitty (8 weeks old) and bring her to her new home

    3) By 5 I want to be able to lay down for an hour

    4) By 6 drive to work for xmass party and be there by 7

    5) Be home by 10 and in bed by 11 to get at least a good 5 hours sleep before I have to be back at work again to really work.

    WOOH I am gonna be sooo drained for the next few days!

    Wonder if I will stay to my timeline....???


    Posted at 10:36 pm by Venkas_Lair
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    Yahoo Conversation -

    Current mood: aggravated

    Kahvi: hey there
    Kahvi: i was callin a few minutes ago
    Kahvi: but ya wouldnt get off
    cond: whats up
    cond: gotta do a few things before 12
    Kahvi: np i was just tellin you
    Kahvi: i am on for a bit right now myself doing a few things
    cond: if i get done here in a bit, i will give you a call.
    Kahvi: no
    Kahvi: wait
    Kahvi: i just said i am gonna be on here a bit
    Kahvi: i was callin ya from the car
    Kahvi: no ia m on here
    cond: whatever. then i wont call.
    Kahvi: i am assuming that "whatever" was with attitude...BUT i dont know why, i just got online myself and want to hang out a bit online - I cant do that if you call - sorry if my things to do are not as important as your things to do...but than again ..whatever
    cond: yea. ok.
    Kahvi: as usuall but ok too tata

    I than shot a short email -

    Ya know you make me so pissed and i try not to say the things that are really wanting to come from my head!
    You think that because you are done with what you want to do that i am supposed to drop what I want to do??????????
    I have no idea what is in your head but than we know its always been about you!
    You need to get a few things done...i am not throwing a fit...although i used to and you still said screw me back than and you still do!
    All i was telling you is that this was my time to do some things and just because your "time frame works for you" is no reason to get an attitude...
    think about it!
    You you you - you will always be with just you you you....but than you like it that way...dont you ever think that your so in depth with your "to do crap" your sport crap that it takes away from you ever being with anyone...dont get me wrong -your hobby is fine and its healthy to a degree...but you are soooo into it always you live it breath it...geesh its a wonder you dont do anything else!
    Bye - now that i am done venting i am off to the net!

    He reads and gets back to me -

    cond: hello
    Kahvi: yea
    cond: im done. never said my things were more important than yours, just rushin things before 12.
    Kahvi: no you never said it that i agree but you implied it with "whatever" your timing your rules as always - but i am just not catering to it anymore
    cond: I said i would give you a call in a bit and you said "no", so i figured ok. "whatever"
    cond: Not asking you to cater to anything
    Kahvi: i know that too- i am just saying that i choose not to cater is all

    Kahvi: its fine was explaining to you that i was doing a few things online
    cond: I dont ask you to
    Kahvi: and you said whatever -
    Kahvi: i know i did that freely bcause thats what your supposed to do in relationships
    cond: I got the impression you didnt want me to call. so ok.
    Kahvi: ummm - i started the conversation with "i tried calling you" how does that make me not want to talk to you?? Impression was when you are ready to talk to me i am supposed to be available...all i said was not to call cause i had things to do - all you had to say was either 1) call me than when you get done OR after i said i was gonna be on here doing some things you could have said 2) hey i would really like to talk to you right now so *jokingly* hurry up -
    Kahvi: whatever was not an option 3)
    cond: lol. ok
    cond: well. I am off now, so call me.
    Kahvi: mmhmm

    Kahvi: its not  ok
    cond: may i call you?
    Kahvi: i am really trying to do some things and dont want to be on here late - let me get my stuff done and i will call later

    cond: ok. im out.

    My later will purely be my timing...say tomorrow...say when ever??? Who knows!


    Posted at 10:32 pm by Venkas_Lair
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    Friday, October 07, 2005
    This image says enough

    Walking for breast cancer

    Breast Cancer

    If you get the chance sponsor a
    walker or walk yourself....



    Posted at 02:07 am by Venkas_Lair
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    Wednesday, September 21, 2005
    Ex Rat owner trying to do good dead but now feels bad...

         Ok, I used to own 3 rats before my move made me find them another home. Most people feel scared or grossed out by the thought. This is because they are not educated about them or at least the pet kind.

    But none the less I had three "Varcity" "Piper" "Zoey"..alll girls all beautiful.

    Varcity was a grey cotton ball, Piper looked like a sewer rat and Zoey was a Dalmatian (yes, just like the dog)...


         None the less...story is told...My little dog found a friend yesterday. A rat. She seemed to be just sitting there and I wasn’t sure if it was someone’s pet or a wild one from who knows where. BUT it just sat there as my dog sniffed it and walked around exploring it.

    I was confused by her motions because most rats would run. So, I got on the garden gloves and proceeded to check her out. She seemed a bit off balance and closer looking showed she must have gotten into a fight with a cat or something. She was missing her left eye.

         I had my daughter grab some food from the house to see if she would eat it and it seemed as if she would for a moment then again she got wobbly and couldn’t sit straight. I knew in my mind she was really hurt but wanted to figure a way to help...

    We then made her a cup of water out of some foil and I slid it to her. She dove rather fast into the little tiny cup and drank so fast i thought then there might be help for her after all.


         Long story short - I couldn’t bring her in the house not knowing if she was a wild one or not. But I didn’t want to just leave her to fend either all though it is just nature’s course or rules that animals have to live by.

    *sighs* SO, I got into a box and set her close to some bushes made the box lay on its side so that she could go if she so chose to. I got a cap and filled it with water and left food in the box for her too.

    Thought all was going well, I went to check on her about two hours later and she had walked from the box under the bush i put her near.

    Than I left her alone as she would do as nature intended.

    The next morning, I went to check on her before work, *Sighs* - She was back in the box with her little head hanging over the water cup (not in it) .... But she was dead. I moved the cup and she was already stiff

    had already set in....

    So, sad...I sat there looking at her wondering if I could have done more.

    I have seen other animals live in the wild with the loss of an eye before but I assume maybe what ever got her eye had punctured it to far in and maybe hit her brain and that’s why she was not stable in holding her own self upright.


    Well, bless her little tiny soul. I feel bad ...I closed the box around her.


         Maybe I will own some again when i get ready to move here at the end of the year...They are such neat creatures...a lot cleaner than you think if you have never been around them. They are also very smart.

    "Varcity" she learned to follow me just by me tapping my fingers...cute thing...

    Oh well this is what the ratty girl looked like that decided to leave this world....

    I believe I will name her "Lady" because to me she fit the name...and she was trying to live...

    Rest In Peace "Lady".

     Lady - RIP

    Of course this isn't her "actual" picutre as se

    left this earth with only one eye...but this is the closest

    I found to what she looked like.

    Posted at 02:56 am by Venkas_Lair
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    Tuesday, September 06, 2005
    Just tiptoen around the net and this is what i found...

    V is for Vigorous
    E is for Extraordinary
    N is for Normal
    K is for Kinky
    A is for Athletic
    What Does Your Name Mean?

    All thats right but the Kinky - or hmmmmm...maybe
    I just don't want to tell :)

    Posted at 11:03 pm by Venkas_Lair
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    Watch out for Hurricane Kanye West !!!! "Bush Opinion"

    Kanye West - his photo: "George Bush doesn't care about black people"
    Kanye West - "his web site" (who is black), in a promotional TV appearance with Mike Meyers (who is white) for the NBC telethon to raise money for Katrina victims.

    [Kanye -- not reading from teleprompter, as planned]: "I hate the way they portray us in the media. If you see a black family it says they are looting if you see a white family it says they are looking for food. (...) those are my people down there. (...) "We already realize a lot of the people that could help are at war now fighting another way and they've given them permission to go down and shoot us."

    [Meyers, visibly uncomfortable, reads from prompter script. Camera cuts back to Kanye, who pauses, then says]

    "George Bush doesn't care about black people!"

    [camera abruptly switches back to a stunned Myers, then to actor Chris Tucker]


    NBC quickly issued this statement: - not linked

    Kanye West departed from the scripted comments that were prepared for him, and his opinions in no way represent the views of the networks. It would be most unfortunate if the efforts of the artists who participated tonight and the generosity of millions of Americans who are helping those in need are overshadowed by one person's opinion.

    But they are far more than one man's opinion. - This statement is TRUE!


    Used from – BoingBoing   <------- go here if you would like to find the actual video.

               A Directory of Wonderful Things

    -------------------> My opinon - Kayne is on to something don't ya think!?


    Posted at 09:44 pm by Venkas_Lair
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    Saturday, September 03, 2005
    Been forever

    It has been forever since i have posted - still around just not much time to sit on the azz.

    Working two jobs now -

    Thinking about the full time one and if the gas prices will allow me to stay there.
    Not sure of much of anything anymore.
    Gas is outragouse and my car is running well spite the fact that I drive so far every day for the last seven years.

    But oh well just wanted to post that i was around.


    Posted at 10:46 pm by Venkas_Lair
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    Thursday, January 13, 2005
    What is up with Pitt & Aniston???

    Fiary tale or Passion?

    What in the world happened to the two most famouse couples in Hollywoods timeline?
    Is this for real? Is it for good?

    Being a fan of Pitt, I have come to love Aniston too! I root for them to make it through.
    It just breaks my heart to see them or hear of them splitting up.

    I don't however believe the hype about Angalina Jolie - I do lean tword the fact that one wants
    to settle down with a family and the other does not.

    But who really knows?????? I hope some more truth comes forward soon. Are they just testing the waters,,,and if so why???

    Love of the stars - I couldn't believe how many people actually felt bad that they split. Even the woman that have thier legs spread and tounges a waggin for 'ol Pitt!!!!
    A lot of us feel bad for the couple. Its amazing to me the feed back I have gotten on this breakup - seperation - trial or error - what ever you want to call it.  IT IS JUST PLAIN SAD!

    Get back together..I was starting to believe in love again!!!!


    Posted at 01:39 am by Venkas_Lair
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